Pond 2017

The pond margins are now fully established. Although a large flock of about 30 ducks caused great disturbance of the mud early in the year, they seem to have moved on for now, possibly encouraged by the fox?

The kingfisher continues to visit, with a distressing habit of catching the Great Crested Newts! There is now a second island to shelter pond-dwellers, however, with a new addition of some dainty waterlilies. 

The wild roses planted along the wire perimeter fence are beginning to develop, creating a beautiful early Summer backdrop, winter food for wildlife, and an added deterrent to wayward children (parents – please remember to always supervise your children near the pond!).

The floral star of the show must be the uncommon Southern Marsh Orchid, discovered for the first time on the shady ground near the pond. We hope it will spread, as the other orchid varieties have begun to around the site…