Pond Reports

A close up of a flower field. A flower is standing in the grass.

Pond 2018

The pond survived the drought thanks to the very high rainfall levels at the start of 2018, but it sank to an all-time low and in early Spring 2019 it has a long way to go before it is full. …

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A bridge over a body of water. A bridge over some water.

Pond 2017

The pond margins are now fully established. Although a large flock of about 30 ducks caused great disturbance of the mud early in the year, they seem to have moved on for now, possibly encouraged by the fox? The kingfisher …

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A close up of a reptile. A reptile with its mouth open.

Pond 2016

This year we have been very excited to discover that we have Great Crested Newts in our pond! This makes it a very special place indeed, and confirms how important it is to create sanctuaries like this for wildlife. We also spotted …

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A close up of an animal.

Pond 2015

The Bog Beans are in flower, but the Marsh Marigolds are now over. This May we have supplemented the original planting with more loosestrife, plus some buttercup-like greater spearwort. Imagine our delight when, as we were planting, we saw a …

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A flower growing out of the water. A vase filled with water.

Pond 2013

On May 4th 2013 the pond was planted with 11 species of marginal plants and three oxygenators. Plants were particularly selected to attract beneficial insects and also to provide a long season of colourful interest. Just one week after planting …

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