Orchard report 2021

Cowslips sown several years back around the base of many orchard trees are now flourishing. Winter pruning was completed in February- there is less pruning required now as the trees are generally of good shape and structure.

Spectacular plum, cherry and gage blossom is just coming to an end, fingers crossed that fruit set has not been badly damaged by the many April frosts. Apple and pear blossom is now poised to follow on maintaining colourful interest.
The four new trees (2 x black cherry, 1 x pear and 1 x plum) are all doing well. We currently have three apple trees on order from East Anglian Orchard Project. These are being specially grafted for us on M25, the most durable rootstock. They will be ready in January 2022 and include 1 x Sturmer Pippin and 2 x Laxton’s Royalty. Both have good storage potential. Both trees are of local origin (Laxton’s Royalty from Bedford and Sturmer Pippin from Haverhill.)