Meadow Reports

A close up of a flower. A close up of a flower on a plant.

Meadow 2018

The wildflower meadow is still going strong, providing an important habitat for our ever diminishing insect population at a time when Britain’s wildflower habitats are rapidly vanishing. Our meadow supports many beautiful butterflies and moths, not to mention bees and …

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A flower in a field. A flower in a field of grass.

Meadow 2017

Another year of vibrant colour and diverse wildlife! Our meadow now has a fine centrepiece: the “Chequers Oak”. This sapling was donated by David Mitchell of The Chequers, Little Gransden, who raised the little tree he found growing in the …

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A close up of a flower field. A flower is standing in the grass.

Meadow 2016

The cowslips returned in masses this year, although we were alarmed to see the damage done by slugs! The year has progressed with glorious colour and we had a great afternoon in July clearing the dried “hay” from the area. …

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A close up of a flower. A flower in a field.

Meadow 2015

We have had an exciting start to the year with a fabulous and unprecedented display of cowslips. We have enjoyed seeing a kestrel use the meadow as a hunting ground, with the boundary posts making convenient perching stations for him. …

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A flower in a field. A flower in a field of grass.

Meadow 2014

The year began with a modest showing of cowslips, which were promptly gobbled up by the rabbits! An anxious time followed when the meadow was accidentally mown just as things were about to flower, but this may have proved a …

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A group of people in a field. A group of people on a field.

Meadow 2011

In September 2011, we spent a weekend working on the last major project financed by the Lottery grant: the wildflower meadow. First, all the grass was cut and raked off, then the whole area was scarified using a hired machine, …

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