Month: April 2017

A flower in a field. A flower in a field of grass.

Meadow 2017

Another year of vibrant colour and diverse wildlife! Our meadow now has a fine centrepiece: the “Chequers Oak”. This sapling was donated by David Mitchell of The Chequers, Little Gransden, who raised the little tree he found growing in the …

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A pear with fruit on top of a grass covered field. A pear with fruit on top of a field.

Community Orchard

Planting of our Community Orchard began in 2009. Today it contains 65 trees: a mixture of plums, gages, apples, cherry, pear, plus quince and a medlar. All have been chosen as having their origins in East Anglia, which makes it …

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A large tree in a grassy field. A large green field with trees in the background.

Orchard 2017

The Orchard is flourished once again this year, with most trees bearing fruit, supplying our highly successful Apple Day in October. The trees have now grown significantly, and most are well above head height. The hundreds of daffodil bulbs planted last …

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